Pis 6.0 has been released

Dear users,

More than four years have passed since PIS 5.5 became available on January 9, 2018. Development went even faster during this time, and today we can proudly present PIS 6.0. In this version, too, we replaced some outdated components that could no longer be upgraded. The program is made with the latest version of the Delphi IDE and uses the newest version of the relational database Firebird 4.0.

New functions are available in existing modules:

– new user interface with hamburger menu
– new icons
– sending an e-mail with the TLS 1.2 protocol
– additional ways to filter data as in excel
– fast filtering by column
– additional functions in the grid
– locking columns left and right
– a quick search for functions in each module
– creating events in the calendar directly from the modules with the applied filter, which is taken into account by the reminder
– scan locking
– the possibility of multiple scans for one event in tasks
– digital signing of scans
– new options in BI reports for sharing by keys
– logistics routes and optimal transport planning

New modules are also available:

– Leads/Opportunities/Customer Inquiries
– EU online sales
– xls Report Designer
– Forecasts of customer returns
– Received invoices for transport cost

We will write more about all the innovations in the coming days on our forum, and we are already inviting all users to go there, where they can get more information about the software package.

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