PIS 5.5 has been released

Dear customers

More than 3 years have passed since April 21st 2014 when PIS 5.0 was released. During this time, significant progress has been made concerning our software development. It is with great pleasure that we inform you about the version of our software, PIS 5.5.

This version features new replaced components which had been obsolete and stopped upgrading. It is built with the latest version of programming environment Delphi, and the newest version of Firebird 3.0.

The existing modules include brand-new functions:
• Setting user access rights to individual fields (RO Fields) – the administrator can set in each module the fields which cannot be edited by a user
• Setting mandatory fields – the administrator can set in each module, which fields are mandatory and must be entered upon each new document entry
• Conditional formatting – the user can setup the display of data in the same way as in Microsoft Excel

There are also new modules available:
• Dashboard
• BI reports
• OLAP reports
• Booking
• pocketPIS 2.9, Receipts Waiting List, Issue Notes Waiting List
• Production Planning
• Attendance
• Tasks procedures

You are kindly invited to visit our web forum in the days to follow to learn all about the new features of our software package.

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