Ltd is a private company from Ljubljana. Main activity of the company is development and sale of software for managing business operations of companies (Ltd,…), and public institutes. Our products are used by over 400 companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Spain and Netherlands.

Methods and conditions for obtaining a license

The PIS software package is a licensed copyright work. With the license, you are licensed to use our package, according to the terms contained in the license agreement. According to the copyright law, the use of copyrighted software without a license is unlawful and therefore punishable.

We offer our customers two possible ways to obtain a license:

License purchase

By purchasing a license from PIS software you become the owner of the license. The purchase includes complete maintenance and deployment for up to one year. After this period, you have the option to make a maintenance or refreshment contract. In the refresher agreement, all the changes are included in the price, while the maintenance contract also includes visits or interventions with clients in addition to the version.

License renting

Because the purchase itself can cost companies too much, we also offer our customers a license rent. The advantage of renting is to pay a monthly rental that is valid for the rental period. The lease contract already includes maintenance, and a monthly flat-rate payment of 4% of the value of the software is paid. At the signing of the contract, 10% of the value of the software is paid, as the cost of setting up the system. After termination of the lease, the tenant no longer has the right to benefit from this contract.

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